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What is Goju Kai Karate? What is Goju Ryu Karate or Goju Kai Karate?

Goju Kai or Goju Ryu Karate is a...

Classes for Families Classes for Families

Our family karate classes...

Classes for Adults Classes for Adults

"AGKK is suited to Men & Women of all ages. Whatever your...

Karate classes for children and Martial Arts classes for children Karate classes for children and Martial Arts classes for children

Karate classes for children / Karate classes for kids / Martial...

Karate classes for children / Karate classes for kids / Martial Arts classes for children / Martial Arts classes for kids.

"Improve your Child's Fitness, Life Skills, Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Self-esteem, Anti Bully Skills and the development of strong character."

Traditional Karate is the best thing you can do for your child. Karate classes for children / Karate classes for kids.

  • In our children's karate classes we teach why good nutrition is important and we encourage students accomplish a healthy diet.
  • We lead our students through excellent workouts that improve physical conditioning and mental attitude.
  • We build confidence in our students so they can stand up and say no to negative peer pressure. We empower and educate kids not to be victims. We teach self defence so our students don't have to be afraid of bullies. Our students become leaders not followers.
  • We inspire our students to become enthusiastic and motivated in school.

"AGKK is suited to Men & Women of all ages. Whatever your self-defence needs, goals and interests, Whatever your age or physical abilities, AGKK has a program for you!"

Create some time for yourself - you are important to your family and friends. By training in Goju Karate you will feel energised and live longer sharing quality time with those central people close to you.

Traditional Japanese Karate is an ideal form of mental and physical exercise, self-defence training, and a fun social outlet for Men, Women, and children of all ages.

Our family karate classes Our family karate classes have many benefits for the whole family. It is a wonderful opportunity to work together and grow stronger as a family.It will improve your family's fitness and you will enhance spending time together now because you have a common interest and common goals. Family classes for all ages, are popular for men, women and children. Many families like training together. We are like a family where we show mutual respect and good communication to all members in our Karate family.


We reinforce those essential family core values, with skills and fun. We provide opportunities for parents to spend and have special time with their children.


Unlike many other sports or activities, Mum and Dad can get involved with the kids, rather than watch from the sidelines.


Why Private Lessons?


AGKK provides high quality private lessons that are a great way to learn Karate at your own pace, or to enhance your current level of training.

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"Become a Member of Australian Goju Kai Karate, Club AGKK!"

Welcome to the AGKK Lesson information section. Australian Goju Kai Karate prides itself on adhering to the traditional Japanese Goju Kai curriculum, reinforcing traditional high standards in art form and technique.

Authentic Traditional Japanese Goju Karate changes your way of life; for you can never be the same person again.

The etiquette of the dojo begins and ends with respect. AGKK prides itself on adhering to the traditions of Karate-do and the conduct of a student in the dojo must be in strict compliance those traditions. All students regardless of grade are to ensure that their conduct reflects the student creed and code of behaviour. Karate is a positive way of life.

A true karate practioner understands that personal self discipline is the key to your success. By attending training regularly your self-discipline, mental focus/awareness and confidence will continue to improve.

Kata practise will develop your character and kumite teaches you many important life skills, for example, distance and timing. Your ability to focus and react quickly and effectively will also improve.

Becoming a Black Belt - How to become a black belt in all aspects of your life


Become relaxed, meditative, have stress relief, more energised, inspired and connected with all people in your life.


Develop into becoming an accredited Black Belt in our Karate School


We are a friendly team of hard-working, dedicated instructors for our students. The teachers and students show impeccable reliability to each other and our Karate family. We are widely recognized for the very high standard of etiquette within our club, this is both in the physical and mental approach of members within our AGKK Karate family.


"Success is found in the journey not just the end result.
Consistent time with steady dedication in training is important.
Becoming a black belt in all aspects of your life is far more rewarding than obtaining a black belt!" Bernie Haughey Sensei

AGKK gradings are conducted throughout the year. To receive an application for grading a student must train regularly.

A student will attain their black belt with regular and consistent training. A student dedicated to the art, trains at least twice a week. Private lessons will also help. Students are able to monitor their progress and demonstrate their advancing skill level is by training for promotional Gradings.

The criteria for belt promotion is not only how a student performs certain Karate techniques, but also their positive mental approach, focus, dedication and attitude are taken into consideration. The first few grading tests are not that difficult, however as a student progresses, grading demands increase and they will need to devote more time to their Karate path. Certificates are recognized worldwide and by the Australian Karate Federation.

We have specialist Self Defence classes in Brisbane. Classes include- Self defence for women. Women's Self Defence classes. Self defence for Children. Self Defence for kids. Self Defence for Men. Self Defence for individuals. Group Self Defence classes available.

Workplace Self Defence training also available for Staff and employees.

SELF DEFENCE that is Realistic and Proactive

"Empowering people with Fitness, Confidence, and the Means to Protect Themselves"

At AGKK we are dedicated to providing our participants/students with the most professional, high-quality martial arts/self defence training in a friendly proactive atmosphere possible.

Our specialized training approach in schools aims to enhance students to become calm, focused, increase life skills, fitness and goal setting in everything they do. This often has a direct bearing on how our students apply themselves more conscientiously at school and at home.