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Goju Ryu Karatedo Shuseikan - Seiwakai International

Seiwakai is an organization that was started in 1971 by the late Shuji Tasaki, 9th Dan Hanshi. Tasaki Sensei and his senior student Seiichi Fujiwara Sensei have travelled countless times to all five continents giving seminars. After Tasaki Sensei's death in 2011, Fujiwara Sensei, inherited his place as head of Seiwakai. It is now one of the largest members under the JKF Gojukai.




SHUSEIKAN AUSTRALIA is a member organization directly under Seiwakai Japan. A member of the JKF Goju-Kai. Seiwakai is the club (organisation) of our late teacher Tasaki Shuji, 9th Dan JKF GOJUKAI. The club name SHUSEIKAN comes under the Seiwakai umbrella from Tasaki Sensei.


SEIWAKAI- Shuji Tasaki
SHUSEIKAN- Shuji Tasaki
The club name Shuseikan is a name is also linked to the names from Shuji (Tasaki) and Seiichi (Fujiwara).


What does SEIWAKAI mean?


SEI – truth, honesty, sincerity
WA- peace, harmony
KAI- association/organization


What does SHUSEIKAN mean?


SHU-mastery of oneself
SEI- truth, honesty, sincerity
KAN- place or house


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